Integrity Coal Sales, Inc. was founded in 1990. Over the past twenty years, Integrity has grown to become one of the premium suppliers of high quality U.S. coal to the global marketplace.

Integrity is a shipper of high grade metallurgical, thermal and anthracite coal. Cargoes are loaded at U.S. east coast ports of Norfolk/Newport News, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, as well as the Gulf of Mexico. Export markets served include Eastern, Western and Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, Middle East, South America and Asia, in addition to the Domestic U.S. and Canada.

Integrity Coal Sales, Inc, along with its wholly owned subsidiary Integrity Coal Sales International, boasts a staff of seasoned coal professionals, most of whom have over 25 years of experience in the coal industry. In addition to our headquarters in New York, we have offices in the coal producing regions of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky, as well as Norfolk, Virginia and Crownsville, Maryland. 

In addition to its traditional supply activities, Integrity is an active participant in identifying and acquiring premium coal reserves and assets.

True to its name, INTEGRITY places a premium on quality control and customer satisfaction.

Our Mission:

Integrity is driven to succeed in today's complicated global coal marketplace. Much as the company itself has been built from the ground up, we service our customers in the same way: Attention to detail. Working closely with our network of suppliers. Coal quality assurance at each step of the way. Technical expertise. Logistical experience. Market savvy.

Our mission is simple: to be worthy of your business and your trust, and to provide unparalleled service and value to our customers.

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